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A Typical Day

"I don't have to worry that the sitter might forget to pick up my daughters or what I would do if the sitter is sick or on vacation."

- Pat MacCluen, parent


Haddonfield Child Care

The primary function of Haddonfield Child Care is to provide a safe and secure care situation for the children who attend. In addition, the staff and administration of HCC are dedicated to making the program as enjoyable for all children as possible.


We provide many occasions for children to participate in planning activities, and encourage the children to feel ownership of the programs. Within the structure of the day's planned activities, the children have the opportunity for choices of various options. These include indoor or outdoor play. On rare occasions, we will ask that all children join in a unique activity, or be attentive to a visitor presenting a special program.

Every attempt will be made to provide a variety of activities for all ages and developmental levels. Other than EDKP, we do not restrict or group the children by age. We maintain multi-age grouping, and try to guide the children in playing together successfully. Occasionally, however, we may have projects or activities targeted to particular age groups.

Our activity plans are designed to promote the social, emotional, and academic growth of our children in an enjoyable, playful way. A monthly calendar of activities planned for the after school program at each program site will be available to parents, describing daily games, projects, special programs, and "theme" days or weeks.

From time to time our curriculum is reviewed and new facets may be added to enrich the programs. Suggestions and comments by parents are always welcome. Should you have any concerns, please first discuss them with the Program Supervisor at your child's site. If your concerns continue, or cannot be resolved with the Supervisor, do not hesitate to call the Executive Director.

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