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"Most importantly, we knew our kids were in competent, caring, and professional hands. To this day, we think of HCC with great respect and appreciation."

- Kevin Stepanuk, parent

Field Trips

Haddonfield Child Care

As part of the program, staff may plan walking trips in the neighborhood, or even to nearby program sites. Except for an occasional short walk in the immediate vicinity or in any emergency where children must be moved off-site, parents/guardians will receive notice of any walking trips. The plans will be on the program calendar and/or posted prior to the day of the trip. Generally, a description as to the destination and expected time of return will be posted at the program site for parents/guardians or other pickup persons who may arrive before the children return.

Individual permission slips will not be required for these trips, as they are covered by the release signed by parents/guardians on the emergency form. In the case of more extensive trips, parents/guardians will receive complete information, and will be asked to sign a separate permission slip. HCC will staff appropriately for the developmental needs of the children attending.

Any child whose behavior on a trip is disruptive, or who jeopardizes the safety of himself or others, may be barred from subsequent trips.

When a trip is planned for the entire group at a program site, all children will be expected to participate. As all staff are needed to supervise the children on these trips, we cannot leave staff back at the site to supervise a child who has been barred from a trip, whose parent/guardian chooses not to allow him/her to attend, or a child who elects not to go along; therefore, parents/guardians will be asked to make other arrangements in advance for their child(ren) on those occasions. No refunds will be given for the day if children do not participate.

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