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"Knowing our children were safe at HCC after school, in their own school building, was always a huge relief for me while I was at work."

- Becky Bryan, parent


Haddonfield Child Care

HCC understands that children and families are often under enormous time stress caused by large amounts of homework and the pressure of other family commitments.   Therefore, time will be set aside at the program for children to work on homework.

It is also our belief that all children need a brief respite from the stresses of the school day, and an opportunity to enjoy the socialization of snack time and the opportunity to hear any special instructions/plans for the day which may be discussed prior to or during snack time.   To this end, the homework time will begin after the completion of snack by the majority of children.

Every effort will be made to supply an appropriately stocked, quiet area to facilitate an optimum environment for children during homework time, within the constraints of space and staffing. Staff will not act as tutors, but will assist children much in the way a parent would.

Upon enrollment, each family will be asked to complete a Homework Agreement, outlining their preferences as to whether the child(ren) will or will not be expected to do homework at the program, as well as the time the child may be expected to work on homework, if applicable.   This will serve as the basis for each child's participation in our homework period, and will be followed unless parents/guardians choose to revise it during the year or on specific occasions.  

Children participating in homework time will be expected to behave appropriately and respect the need for quiet. HCC may suspend or terminate a child's participation in homework time for repeated failure to abide by the rules established by the Program Supervisor at that site.

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